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We now officially launched our Gadgets page. Fully packed with the latest gadgets around the globe. From Sport Technology to Home Entertainment. Things that you probably don't even know it actually exist on the market. The best thing about this page is the products are available to purchase right away. 



We have finally launched our range of electronic products to the market. 

All our products is fully tested and carefully designed by our manufacturing team, and is coming into the market end of 2015. 



Introducing the Z PRO 77 Limited Edition model. 

Celebrating our 4th year running, promoting the Electronic Cigarette around the world. 


The MemCard "Next Generation Of Promotion"

This year, 2015 our marketing department has launched the MemCard. The MemCard is a new promotion tool which we strongly believe will revolutionise traditional marketing ways.


The New SUPERMAN ENERGY DRINK "Unleash the Power"

Z PRO Ltd is contracted with Global-Enterprise Ltd, Superman Energy Drink from Warner Bros. This allows Z PRO to promote this fantastic new drink in Scotland.


Quit Smoking with Pharmacies

Z PRO Ltd is the first company to introduce the electronic cigarette to pharmacies. Our products have been fully tested and our direct promotions have impacted the UK public successfully.

The customer base is growing rapidly and pharmacies across the UK want to help us to distribute the products to benefit our customers around the UK. 


Promoting health at the Ideal Home Show

The Electronic Cigarette is a product based on progressive ideas, offering solutions to many of the issues associated with smoking. The Z PRO team have been marketing this revolutionary product to both north and south of the border, and are rapidly expanding as a company and as a provider of excellent customer service. 

In March 2011, we took this product to the Earl’s Court Home Exhibition in London and introduced it successfully to the ideal home market. This will be followed by the Ideal Home Show Scotland, which takes place from the 27-30 May 2011 at the SECC,Glasgow. 

The Ideal Home Show provides homeowners with a fantastic opportunity to browse the latest products available in home improvement and interior design, ranging from household appliances and gadgets to gardening tips and culinary expertise and introduced by familiar celebrity faces. 

The Electronic Cigarette is an ideal product for the homeowner and consumer of tobacco products. First and foremost, as the device is battery operated and does not burn tobacco, there is no risk of fire and safety is guaranteed. This also eliminates the need to use ashtrays and to clear up the debris left behind by cigarette smoking. 

The water vapour produced by the Electronic Cigarette contains - with the exception of nicotine - none of the chemical by-products of tobacco smoke. No tar means no stains left behind by smoking – no yellow residue on curtains and blinds, no stained walls and no film on television and computer screens. No smell left behind on furniture and around the home means no need for air freshener and room deodorizers. 

A further concern for parents and family members is that of passive smoking. This is another risk that is effectively eliminated by the Electronic Cigarette, as it is designed purely to address nicotine cravings and does not produce any chemicals that are harmful to the smoker or to others. The Electronic Cigarette can thus be smoked in bars and cafés, on buses and trains, in the home, in the car and in the presence of children and non-smoking family members with no unwanted consequences.